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Our excellent waterproofing solutions will add value and life to your demanding projects. Whether a building construction, or a community or a residential project or in industrial or commercial projects, preventive waterproofing is a principal part of making a strong structure. If not, water penetration can cause serious damages if not looked after in the building phase or initial phase of leakage. It can damage a building and its structure aesthetically. Moisture in the concrete structures will rust the bars and rods, resulting in their expansion in sizes thus giving rise to concrete spalling. 

At Renovators Squad, Waterproofing is done in various spaces of a building structure, beginning from basement, podium, wet areas and water-bodies, bathrooms and walls – exterior and interior, all the way up to the top of terraces.  Also, roof top decks and terraces including balconies and galleries are an integral part of water-proofing because of exposure to the sun, extreme climate conditions and no of people living in the house, therefore they require special treatment. Also, technical know-how is important in providing correct water-proofing solutions in Dubai to make sure leaking is taken care of permanently. 

Be it an unidentifiable issue or a problem that requires experts’ intervention to investigate the root cause of the leakage, you can rely your trust in Renovators Squad to provide fair and prompt solution. We will work in unison to investigate the issue, analyse the structural elements around the slabs to figure the measures to take in order to deliver sound water-proofing system that will enable protection of your Building and villas from any damage in the future. 

water proofing systems

The waterproofing systems we offer include

Torch On Membrane

Liquid membranes

Epoxy Coatings


This type of Waterproofing composes of bitumen and a variety of modified polymers when applied to the structure surface, aids in prevention of moisture from seeping through. However, when ignored, it can adversely affect the structure of the building in the long run. The product used is Sheet membrane that offers effective and durable water-proofing solution for roofing and other flat surfaces that experience water-collection (also known as Ponding) because the membrane is tough and doesn’t get damaged or allow leakage and seepage to occur. Its tough resistance property allows the building or villas to protect themselves from chemicals, toxic vaporous and other dangerous elements.

A torch-on membrane system is suitable for all types of Residential, commercial, and industrial use. Areas where it is typically used: Flat roofs, balconies, planter-boxes. Also, they are perfect for low-grade basement applications, hard-to-reach locations like tanking and underground spaces because they offer high-quality and durable layer that makes these under-estimated and unchecked areas resistant and impermeable.


This type of Water-proofing system is in Liquid form which is sprayed or applied by brush or roller to the hard surface which then goes on to become thick membrane when it comes in contact with air.

This system allows durability, flexibility, chemical resistance and abrasion to the structure which optimizes the performance and longevity.  It is used on surfaces like balconies, podium decks and green roofs. Also used to make a coating in municipal water tanks thus preventing leaks.

Not to forget, the car parks structures can see extended life when Liquid membrane water-proofing Is used.


A substance that is obtained when a thermo-setting dioxide polymer is mixed with another hardening agent that converts the soft epoxy into a stiff material is call EPOXY.

The resultant hardened epoxy is solid water-proof, which are used as coatings and as water-proofing in many industries, including home construction. Apart from Adhesion and Filling attributes, One of the major properties of Epoxy coating is its propensity to seal and form a water-proof  and anti-corrosive  layer of protection.

Areas where it is majorly used is Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Home owners, maintenance service providers and Contractors swear by its usage and properties. 

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