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A facade is not just a pretty face for a building, rather it is a crucial element of an aesthetically looking Property
The facade of your property not only plays a key role in making a great first impression but also expresses the personality of its occupants and the space it holds inside.

The experienced façade engineers we have at our arsenal are capable of providing professional Façade services for Architects, Building owners and Construction personnel. The technical know-how and expertise we have gained over years working in cohesion with the globally leading clients have enabled us to solve complex design challenge to maximize energy efficiency and exceptional solutions that are original, practical and budget-conscious.

At Renovators Squad provide different types of Façade Services Such as Steel Façade, Curtain-Wall Façade, Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Façade, Double-Skin Façade, Brick Slip Façade, Steel and Glass Facades, Precast Concrete Façade.

Facade Exterior Paint Dubai

A facade paint is the final coating and is one of the essential elements of a building’s architectural design and must be both impermeable to water and able to provide thermal and noise insulation from the outside. Continuous exposure of facades to the elements and the action of rain, sun, freezing and contamination causes this type of surfaces to deteriorate easily.

The façade is the business card in a building! A perfect facade is not only very beautiful to look at. A facade treated with the right products protects the wall from the effects of temperature and atmospheric agents.

The choice of paint for exteriors also greatly impacts the energy balance of the external sheath; in fact, the right material helps keep the building’s thermal level and operating costs low.

At Renovators Squad, as a company in Façade Exterior Painting, we take into consideration lots of factors into account and select the ideal exterior coating for each type of surface.

We predominantly use colour matched pigmented silicone resin coating and painting systems due to their flexibility and quality. We can airless spray, spray, or roller apply non-streaking paints in a wide range of colours. Our paints are UV resistant, breathable, highly effective at repelling water, and contain a film preservative to help protect the façade from further infestation and growth of algae making them suitable for both Residential and commercial building painting.

Facade Cladding Services Dubai

Facade Cladding is extremely important both for functional and for aesthetical reasons. External Cladding is a filter, a physical bordering. Cladding is the view, the appearance given to the floor, walls, façades, interiors, plateaus, baseboards, planters… Cladding forms part of architecture not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of structure because although it does not receive building loads, it conceals and protects the structure itself, isolating, delimiting and defining zones, activities and structural elements.

In a way, it could be seen as the “skin” of your facade. It is a physical border, applied to your existing structure, covering most of the exterior surface area of your Property. Facade cladding, also known as siding, meets the best of both worlds when it comes to architectural aesthetics and functionality. Not only can it drastically improve a building’s appearance, but, depending on the materials you choose, it can also serve other more important purposes. Oftentimes, some extra layers are included to provide thermal isolation, keep out moisture, block unwanted noises, and protect the interior and structural parts against the elements, et cetera.

You’ll find that some styles can easily replace others, and the results can be equally impressive. We at Renovators Squad Provide Different Types of Cladding such as, Wood Cladding, Stone Cladding, Ceramic Cladding, Tile Cladding, Aluminium Composite Cladding & Curtain Wall Cladding.

Facade Alterations Services Dubai

Façade Alterations should be carried out with respect to the original façade solutions typical of the era when the building was designed and constructed as concerns details, materials and colours.

Façade renovations should be carried out with competent designers, who start from the basic data of the property, the requirements of the detailed plan and possible building protection requirements.

Façade Alterations works can include, for example, grouting, washing and painting, plastering, masonry, sheeting and flashing. We at Renovators Squad can do alterations for housing associations as well as for business and production premises. We complete our projects to the specifications agreed to in our contract documents and stay within schedule.

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