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Be it your home or Business, you want it clean and safe, devoid of any pests. For all sorts of new and old buildings, both preventive and damage-reduction pest control should rank your to-do tasks – especially if it’s a public set-up like schools, hospitals, restaurants, clinics, cafes or homes because, where there is foot-traffic, it is bound to get infested by all sorts of rodents and pests. Whether we like it or not, Residential, warehouses, distribution centres and commercial facilities that houses food and water, may attract pests which poses definitive threat to the safety and health of our families, staffs and customers. Which brings us to the solution for this – Disinfection service. This is the process of killing germs, bacteria, viruses from any breeding grounds.

We, at Renovators Squad, provide safe disinfection and general pest control services (PCS) which is disinfection against germs and microbes (virus, bacteria & fungi) and disinfection against termites, rodents, mosquitoes, birds, unwanted vegetation etc.

Our trained Pest Control Team vow to resolve your pest problems effectively and safely in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Our specially trained and qualified technicians discreetly pay a visit to your place to assess the contamination and give expert advice for basic pest control treatments plans. We also have programs that are customized to suit your budget and needs.

Benefits of Pest Disinfection Services

Protection of People and pets against pest-associated diseases.

Effective Against germs and microbes (bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi including spores).

Safe For use on all surfaces including plastics, soft metals, fabrics and food

Kills 99.9999% of harmful pathogens reducing the risk of cross contamination.

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